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Our business relationship with advisors is very simple; we manage portfolios, so you don’t have to. Imagine freeing up the time required to research each investment opportunity and the associated responsibility of managing your client’s assets. Partnering with Advisors Capital Management allows you to have professional managers investing your client’s assets, so you can devote your time to advising your clients, gathering assets and building your business.

The fee-based asset management model allows you, the advisor, to align your interests with those of your clients, as you are compensated solely by the client. You would no longer need to "sell" commission based products in order to earn a living, thus removing a possible conflict of interest. In a volatile economy, the stability of a fee-based business model will certainly put your mind at ease.

How Do Fees Work?

With ACM, clients are charged an annual fee (debited quarterly) based on the value of the account. As assets grow over time, so does your compensation. All fee arrangements are fully disclosed to the client in the subscription documents and clients also receive quarterly notification of their fee deductions.

Client’s assets are held at an independent third-party custodian, which provides statements, confirms, on-line access, and many other support services to you and your clients. Every aspect of the relationship is fully transparent. Clients can see their investments and all transactions in their own accounts.

Advisors must register as an Investment Advisor and hold an advisory license, either a Series 65 or 66, depending on your state of residence and other licenses that you may hold. Please check with your compliance professional to see which license is best for you based on your existing credentials and these other factors.

What You Can Expect from ACM

• Fiduciary commitment to you and your clients.
• All cap value management
• Tax management and reporting
• Portfolio manager access
• Weekly market commentaries via email
• Quarterly reports and web casts
• Media notifications
• Independent custodian with online access
• Monthly statements and confirms
• Proven long term track record
• Audited GIPS® compliant performance reporting

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