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A one size fits all approach for investing is not going to provide the personal attention to detail required of true individual portfolio management. Advisors Capital Management provides private accounts with security selection that is tailored to each client’s personal objectives. Our people, resources and commitment are solely focused on the personal and financial objectives
of our clients.

Responsibility to the Client:
ACM appreciates its responsibility of being placed in a position of trust. As an investment fiduciary, it is our responsibility to manage a prudent investment process with the clients’ issues and concerns always taking precedent. ACM utilizes independent custodians to provide transparent clearing and custody of your assets. ACM claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards. ACM is independently owned with no obligations to any other firm. There is no incentive to buy or sell any particular security. Our management fee and our success are based on the growth of your account and the longevity of our relationship.

Understanding the Markets:
Media and industry professionals have looked to ACM and our Chief Investment Officer, Dr. Charles Lieberman, for navigational help for over thirty years. Our investment and economic commentaries are read weekly by thousands of financial professionals, media and investors. ACM’s principals and portfolio managers are regular contributors to the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Bloomberg, Barron’s and many other financial publications around the world.

Portfolio Design:
ACM provides individually crafted investment portfolios designed around the clients’ specific objectives, risk tolerances and tax considerations. By creating unique portfolios for each client, we can manage existing securities as well as any socially-conscious or ethical issues you might have. Portfolios are created and maintained through ongoing communication between the client and ACM managers. ACM builds your account at an independent custodian, with securities in your own name, establishing your own cost basis.

Types of Accounts

Advisors Capital Management can provide investment management and reporting for most account types, including but not limited to: individual and joint non-qualified accounts, IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, trusts, estates, endowments, foundations, defined benefit plans and defined contribution plans.

Investment Philosophy

ACM seeks to buy growth at a reasonable price. Our separate account platform offers investors a variety of strategies, each of which is tailored to the corresponding investment objectives of the client. We view the markets with a two tiered process, utilizing a top-down view of the business cycle, coupled with a bottom-up, fundamental value based analysis. We maintain a long term approach consistent with our value methodology.

The credit quality of a portfolio can range from U.S. Treasuries to high yield bonds depending on the individuals' risk tolerance and our view of the relative value of each credit sector. Additionally, we offer a traditional, laddered buy and hold strategy or an actively traded total return strategy. Tax free bonds will be used when appropriate.

Investment Strategy Overview

• Active management: Blend of top-down and bottom-up
• Stock Universe: All capitalization with a value orientation
• Bond Universe: Treasuries to high yield bonds. Taxable or Tax Free
• Contrarian approach focusing on above average return prospects
• Manage for less risk as measured by beta, P/E, sales, and price to cash flow.
• Diversification across sectors
• Limit individual positions and industry concentration

Sell Disciplines

a) Price appreciation leads to substantial overvaluation
b) Forced displacement - a better idea surfaces
c) Story unglued; significant change in fundamentals

Top down factors, such as the business cycle, interest rate outlook, demographics, and other macro variables are used, when possible, to identify industries or sectors of interest. While top-down considerations are invaluable for targeting areas for further analysis, individual investments are fundamentally a bottom-up process. Once a sector has been identified as enjoying attractive growth characteristics, an evaluation is performed on the investment merits of the individual companies within this sector and its securities.

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